Qamare’s Journey: A Successful Entry into the Malaysian Skincare Market

Orlaith Inc, a leading provider of public relations (PR) and media relations services, collaborated with Qamare, a prestigious Swiss skincare brand certified by the European Halal Certification Authority. Qamare’s ambition was to penetrate the thriving Malaysian skincare market, and Orlaith Inc crafted a dynamic PR and media release strategy that ensured Qamare’s success in captivating Malaysian consumers.

Extensive market research was conducted by Orlaith Inc to gain an in-depth understanding of the Malaysian skincare market’s distinctive preferences and demands. Armed with these insights, the team developed a comprehensive communication plan that spotlighted Qamare’s Halal certification, luxurious Swiss quality, and skincare solutions tailored specifically for Malaysian consumers.

Leveraging their robust relationships with TV and radio producers, print media editors, outdoor media owners, and influential new media influencers in Malaysia, Orlaith Inc implemented a multi-faceted media release strategy that elevated Qamare’s brand visibility.

Exclusive media interviews were arranged with esteemed beauty journalists, influential social media personalities, and industry experts in Malaysia. These interviews provided Qamare with a platform to share its brand narrative, emphasize the significance of its Halal certification, and showcase the brand’s commitment to ethical skincare practices. Meticulously crafted interview sessions showcased Qamare’s expertise in Swiss skincare and highlighted the brand’s suitability for the discerning Malaysian market.

Concurrently, Orlaith Inc collaborated with prominent print media editors across Malaysia to secure featured articles and editorials. These editorial pieces centered on educating Malaysian consumers about Qamare’s Halal-certified skincare products, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to providing premium skincare options that aligned with religious and ethical beliefs. The articles showcased Qamare’s comprehensive product range, underscoring the use of high-quality natural ingredients sourced directly from Switzerland.

Strategically placed billboards were a key component of the media release campaign. Orlaith Inc coordinated with outdoor media owners to secure prime locations in bustling shopping districts and popular lifestyle destinations throughout Malaysia. These visually striking billboards displayed Qamare’s elegant branding and prominently highlighted its Halal certification, effectively capturing the attention of potential customers and generating widespread brand awareness.

In the digital realm, Orlaith Inc identified influential new media influencers within the Malaysian skincare and beauty community who shared a genuine passion for ethical and Halal-certified products. Collaborating closely with these influencers, Orlaith Inc orchestrated engaging social media campaigns, captivating product reviews, and informative content that highlighted Qamare’s Halal-certified skincare range. This strategic approach sparked conversations, generated positive online buzz, and fostered robust consumer engagement.

Throughout the campaign, Orlaith Inc maintained constant communication with media professionals, ensuring they remained up-to-date on Qamare’s latest product launches, brand events, and initiatives. This ongoing relationship-building approach established trust and credibility, resulting in continued media coverage and fostering enduring brand partnerships.

Thanks to the meticulous PR and media release plan executed by Orlaith Inc, Qamare successfully entered the Malaysian skincare market. Through well-crafted storytelling, collaborative media endeavors, and precisely targeted messaging, Qamare established significant brand awareness, gained the trust of Malaysian consumers, and secured a prominent position within the fiercely competitive skincare industry in Malaysia. The partnership between Qamare and Orlaith Inc exemplifies the power of strategic PR and media relations in facilitating successful market entry and brand establishment.